Tint Works Inc.: A 3M Prestige Dealer in WNC and TN

Tint Works Professional Window Tinting Services

tint works window tintingTint Works Inc., an authorized 3M Prestige dealer for the Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee areas, specializes in window tint and film installation and maintenance for residential, commercial and government properties of all sizes.

Reasons for Window Tinting

  • Sun Control
  • Ultraviolet Light Protection
  • Heat Rejection
  • Reducing Fading
  • Safety and Security
  • Privacy
  • Decoration

3M’s popular line of window tinting products saves you money and enhances the comfort of your home year-round by reducing your energy and utility costs. 3M window film will reduce up to 78 percent of the sun’s heat that comes through the window by reflecting it away from your home.

Our services can also enhance safety and security, and we specialize in commercial security films as well as the installation of residential safety films. With the addition of a 3M attachment system, you can discourage crime and provide additional protection during severe weather. To learn more about the types of window films we offer, or to request a free on-site estimate and obligation free tinting demonstration, give the local experts at Tint Works a call today.

Why use 3m?

About Us

tint works window tinting There are thousands of window film dealers in the country, but only a select few have been chosen to be 3M Prestige Window Film Dealers. We were selected because of our:

  • Superior quality work
  • Extensive product knowledge
  • Outstanding customer service

We service the residential, commercial, and government markets in Asheville, Boone, Cashiers, Charlotte, Hickory, Highlands, Mooresville, Johnson City, Tenn., and Roanoke Va.

In Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and Southern Virginia, Tint/Solar Works is your authorized, certified and fully insured window tinting company. We look forward to helping you solve your sun control problems.

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